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Venture Fund

Gasoline Ventures is a true early-stage venture capital firm, backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, angels, and VC’s.

Gasoline Ventures is not a traditional VC; we are a network. Everything from how we invest, to how we source our portfolio founders, to how we bring great ideas to life and all of the processes that we deploy, are all derived from our time as founders with multi-exits and many successful ventures under our collective belts. Now we share that knowledge with our portfolio founders and their teams.

GV helps promising founders get their ideas off the ground. We invest in early-stage tech startups, initially as co-investors alongside our vast network of angels, VC’s, and family offices, who all share the love and passion of the early-stage venture. This process of co-investing and focusing on execution de-risks our investments by as much as 50% or more.

For the pre-MVP-stage founder

Our investments come in the form of a direct investment ($100K-$300K) into your MVP via our accelerated technology execution and development program (from whiteboard to MVP/launch in 6 months).

For the post-MVP entrepreneur

Our investments are in the form of a cash disbursement ($300K-$500K) directly to the founder.


Raises initial capital with friends, family, angel, family offices, etc.

Gasoline Ventures

Contributes as co-invest partner $100-$300k to build MVP with portfolio founder

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