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Investing in Ideas Enables Opportunity

QVP is a startup investment hub that builds market-ready companies with traction and momentum. Prior to working with startup founders, the team at QVP were startup founders, execs, and venture partners, who have collectively built and grown over 50 companies; we’ve even exited our own ventures to over $400M. We’ve raised tons of money, we’ve built more than our share of MVP’s, we’ve scaled multiple ventures after securing our A rounds, and we’ve even failed miserably a few times…startups are expensive and ever-evolving creatures.

Empire State Building

We founded QVP to be a resource for founders who have an immediate need to fund, build, and grow their ventures, while leveraging our years of experience as mentors, advisors, and strategists. However, we also started QVP to provide early-stage tech investors with a vehicle that de-risks their investments in pre-seed startup founders, while focusing on execution.

Jim Zamer

Founder & Managing Partner

Anmol Wassan

Venture Partner

Roger Hunt

Venture Partner

Igor Belagorudsky

Venture Partner

Jason Kraus

Venture Partner

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